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Chu's decision to include them in this project came about as a result of budget restrictions. "There was a cost issue, so I tried to take advantage of it using cheap construction materials as special elements for the project," he told Dezeen.

Outra vantagem é a Bastante variedade por modelos existente, a ser possível escolher aquele qual mais combina com o seu gosto e com este estilo da tua casa.

Este nosso quarto foca nas cores da madeira, tanto pelo piso, como pelo painel com nicho, na parede atrás da cama. Escolher natural ESTES espaçESTES dedicados ao armazenamento é uma tarefa essencial de modo a posicionar os objetos decorativos que compramos ao longo Destes anos.

Your kitchen decor needs change? Viva Decora application is the ideal place to find the best reference room and pool to veranda and garden.

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Imagem 43 – Outra forma de usar na passagem para a área externa: vista de dentro da lar de modo a a piscina ou jardim numa Bastante parede vazada.

O presente projeto de quarto foca na simplicidade e deixa em destaque a fotografia do casal, que têm a oportunidade de ser substituída por ilustrações ou obras de Feitio de sua própria preferência. O precisamente conceito É possibilitado a ser aplicado para outros objetos.

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Variedade por modelos e estilos, que permite harmonizar esteticamente com variados estilos de casas.

Moderno Pinheiros Cobogó accepts these cards and reserves the right to temporarily hold an amount prior to arrival.

mk27_cobogo_plans Lar Cobogó - Selected for Leaf award 2012 - short list [ENG] [POR] [ENG] - The light of the abundant tropical Sun falls on the white volume of the top floor of the house, penetrating the holes of the hollowed elements and covering the floor of the interior space. Thus, the design of spatialized lace is formed from the shadows and solar rays. The effect is multiplied throughout the ambient, making a construction from the light itself. Throughout the days, throughout the months, the hollowed-out elements take on different forms with the incidence of the sun; at night, this effect once again is transformed; in a continuous process of metamorphosis, its form changes from the light. The soft volumetric geometry of the hollowed-out elements comprising the walls is a complex construction, made with infinite curved lines. The modular element, a work of art, was designed by the Austrian-American Erwin Hauer who, since 1950, has conceived and made sculptures for architectural space. His minimalist elements dialogue with the architecture and here remind us of some traces of Brazilian modern architecture. The curved lines, designed with perfection nod to the architecture of Brasilia by Niemeyer; furthermore, the concrete modules descend from the Cobogós – which lends its name to the house – created in Recife and diffused by Lucio Costa in delicate references to colonial architecture. The Cobogó House is a modern house in which the art of Erwin Hauer can be used naturally, as a part of the entire architecture. In the play of mounting pure volumes, made of white spackling paste, concrete and wood; lies, together with the terrace garden, the volume constructed from the hollowed elements by Erwin Hauer. Inside this space, there is a multiple-use living room and a small spa. On the ground floor the living room connects entirely with the garden, where there is a small artificial lake. Fish and plants help maintain the biological more info balance of the pool without the use of chemical products that assail the environment. This environmental thought permeated the entire project which incorporated principles of sustainability established by rigid standards, similar to certifications. In the house, there is a great concern to use recycling apparatus and reduce water consumption; rationalize and organize the construction to minimize the impacts; use devices for energy efficiency and optimization; install solar heating plaques; besides using only certified, recycled or ecologically correct material. website The use of this knowledge together with architecture that respects the local climate resulted in a house having excellent inner comfort. In both the back living room – which on one side opens to a large front garden and on the other to a patio of trees – and the bedrooms, the inner ambients are shaded by wooden mashrabiyas that make possible good ventilation with internal shading.

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It has a cafeteria sells coffee, soda, crispy critters tartlets, sandwiches, teas and other things. When I went we ask cappiccinos and chicken pot pie and a the chessecake here little chicken is very well served and the cappuccino too, so much that the chessecake had to share. All very yummy. There only accepts debit card in the cafeteria, but the store accepts credit.

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